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EXPERIMENTAL EDUCATIONAL CENTER. The experience of the Educational Integration.

Part 1 Project 2005
Rodrigo Andres Mardones Toro
Kayleigh Avey
Central University, Santiago Santiago Chile
Under an initial statement, it is stablished that the subject that we must develop along the design process acquires sense by the motivation of giving posibility in the proyect and by the relationship between social and individual space.

In this way, the architecture raises challenges that are going from the space accessibility and finding the point of spatial balance, presenting a model of interconnection who suggests that these needs satisfies themselves in an integrated system...

Associations that establish the reading of space integration capacity and the possibility of association and interconnection that suggests the proposal.

Rodrigo Andres Mardones Toro
Kayleigh Avey

The project assumes the risk of interpreting through architectural design one of aspects of the new educational reform that is being implemented in chile.

That is why this proposal is based on the questions that arrize on the subject, rather than on the objective certainty of previous educational experiences.

Through developing the complex laberynths of the new educational ruling, he constructs the sense of ownership through which the children can experiment with in the place of learning.

Thus a border that contains and also overflows builds the world of this specific project.

Mr Robert Brown

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