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Urban regeneration of Wyndford Estate, Glasgow

Part 2 Project 2005
Matt Bridgestock
University of Strathclyde Glasgow UK
The Wyndford is a stereotypical Glaswegian post war high-rise estate. My thesis proposes its regeneration, not by the eradication and replacement of place, but through adding another layer of modification and rehabilitation. I examined inherent qualities that make the estate identifiable and propose a series of components that can modify it to the demands of current and future residents. Components that deal with the high rise, superfluous public realm, lack of private space, dispersed use patterns and inherently weak services and facilities. These components create a re:urbanism concept that could be applied to other locations retaining places, communities and history.
Matt Bridgestock

Bridgestock’s project is the successful development of a well researched
aspiration to revitalise an existing downgraded urban areas in Glasgow into a
well-functioning and thriving living and social environment. It brings
together the students’ planning and architectural skills and well fuses them
into a balanced masterplan with detailed and clever design solutions. At the base of this work, is a sensitive interest in local condition and
thorough community consultation, and an extensive knowledge of International
urbanism. The project has generated the interest of local housing agencies,
the City Council and has gained the support of the community.

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