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Cusworth Glasshouse Academy

Part 1 Project 2005
Emma Frost
Sheffield Hallam University Sheffield UK
The requirement of the brief was to design a Glasshouse Academy within the neglected walled garden of Cusworth Hall.

The nature of the site evoked a sense of isolation and secrecy and it was this quality that informed the underlying concept of a hidden microcosm.
Using precedents such as Stourhead and Stowe, the concept begins with a single bold statement that later divulges its secret complexities as the journey unfolds over land and water, above ground and underground, and through solid and transparent form.

The sequence of events guide and explore and reintegrate a forgotton garden into an established landscape.

Emma Frost

This project has been selected in recognition of its mature appreciation of an established landscape and its romantic vision for a sophisticated microcosm within it.

Taking inspiration from the English landscape tradition, themes of controlled views and a narrative journey have been condensed into a seemingly simple and unified statement. Yet, what is at first singular in experience becomes increasingly complex as the journey unfolds; hovering, landing, descending, exploring. Translucency, illusion and reflection overlay in a marriage of static and dynamic, of simplicity and complexity. Grand gesture is matched by precision in structure and detailing.

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