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Part 0 Project 2005
KTH Royal Institute of Technology Sweden
Investigating the use of illusions and conveying an experience of nature

The project examines the arranging and maintaining of nature and our ability to get
involved in this; nature that can be invented and at the same time sublime. The project
works through romanticism and representation. It is a proposal for a park building that
will produce experiences of nature and clarify how one uses affective values. Its purpose
is to use enhancement and fantasy, rather than unveiling, as deconstructive methods.
Conception and imagination are the project's programme, illusionistic machinery its
technique, escapism through representation its aim. Is there any convincing distinction
between nature and the constructed world?

Ebba Hallin’s project investigates a series of relations between parallell events and trajectories of movement, exploring architecture’s fundamental concepts in a contemporary urban context. This is done in the spirit of the Scandinavian tradition of conceptual clarity, propriety, coherence and logic, provoking new impulses and cross-pollinations with considerable intellectual and artistic skill, thus stimulating further development along unexpected lines.
The project relates to romanticism, nature, machinery and urbanism, as well as developing architectural expressions both personal and related to contemporary discourse, ending up with a gestalt as weltanschauung – con twist.

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