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Part 2 Project 2005
Rossey Rien
WENK Sint Lucas Brussels BRUSSELS Belgium
In less than 100 years, the 68km long Belgian coast has changed from a bio-diverse area to a hyper-dynamic, overloaded, tourist realised dreamland. The Belgian coast is too small, and there is not enough space accommodate such senseless and unchecked growth.
If we create new land before each coast city, we can bring more balance to the public-private ratio. We can bring existing functions to these islands, and place them into a new context. These functions are very dominant on the original coast, and consume much of the land. By placing the larger, more land consuming functions on the islands, the coast will be capable of breathing once more. The zone between the different cities are then clear and the dunes may then begin to recover. We compact the original cities, by setting clear boundaries in which they may evolve. We try to make a future model by giving it new potentials, the nature can recover from its severe damage, and every city by the sea assumes a clear identity… THE BELGIAN COAST REVIVES

Rossey Rien

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