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In Transit: Transport Interchange with transient programme

Part 1 Project 2005
Carlos Sanchez
University of Bath, UK
Research into Bristol Airport and Bristol’s transport networks culminated in the development of a brief for a transport interchange that dealt with commuters, airport travel and local residents.

‘In Transit’ is a hypothesis based on the unique conditions that a transport interchange creates .The meeting of these flows at a single point, generates a situation with almost unlimited potential for triggering and supporting public life.

‘Creating places out of movement patterns was the idea of the project’.

A complimentary spectrum of events, including art exhibitions and nightclubs, fills the 24hr cycle with a montage of successive and simultaneous peaks – maximum exploitation of location and infrastructure.

Carlos Sanchez

This was the final design studio project of Year 4. Students wrote a brief and presented its solution, the commonality being that it was near to Bristol International Airport. Carlos's proposal for a transport interchange in Bristol was well-researched and outrageously ambitious, proposing a new building type with 24 hour use - uniting the existing transport systems and a rail link to the Airport with exhibition spaces and nightclubs. The architecture celebrates its functions by creating vast, mysterious top-lit spaces reminiscent of Piranesi. His master-plan is a catalyst for regeneration of this neglected sector the the city.

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