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Lewes Weaving

Part 1 Project 2005
Robin Hill
University of Brighton UK
The functional opportunities for the Lewes YMCA are projected into three programmatic strips each of which contains the main activities and related spaces.
Each strip explores its own language of spatial sequence, composing different rhythms of movement and activity. The objective is to design conditions so as to allow for chance encounters or programmatic collisions. Not as a frozen solid but instead the building is turned into an event, a movement, an interrelated sets of circuits, to express ones encounter with space, in dynamic sequences of movement.
The programmatic requirements are distributed over the total site in a regular arrangement of points of intensity, designated as pavilions.
Poetic rhythms of nature, culture, art and education are intertwined in a weave of social landscapes.

Robin Hill

Working with constituent members of Lewes' YMCA management and membership and researching around Lewes’ wider social body; Robin’s proposal for the rejuvenation of the YMCA site is effortlessly crisp and holistically conceived.

Robin used literature, poetry and type to develop his own ornate and coded graphic language as a means of analysing and organising the YMCA’s programmatic opportunities. Re-appropriating deconstructivist spatial games, Robin transposed the use of his own graphic language as a means of spatially-interweaving programmatic ‘strips’; culture, art and education. Where the programmatic strips intersect, drama and collision occur, spatially and materially – all choreographed in his final pyscho-experiential sections.

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