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Part 2 Project 2005
Tim Wolfe-Murray
University of Greenwich, UK

"It is yours to make sense of, and the value of it is nothing else but the sense that you choose" Jean Paul Sartre

The Library embraces the notion that it has the capacity to accommodate every memory of every person, whilst appearing to physically contain nothing. Intentionally the Library seeks to mystify and surprise its visitors. It is a puzzle to be solved by those who visit the Library, and much like Perec's novel, 'Life; A User's Manual,' countless puzzles are unsolvable. The true satisfaction is to be acquired by enjoying the process of solving the puzzle and discovering how the building works. Visitors follow the route of five characters from the novel each carrying 5 objects over the building's 5 stories. The project was undertaken whilst writing a thesis entitled "Psychoanalysis: The Architecture of Alfred J Hitchcock," and the final renderings depict spaces from Hitchcock's route through the library, exploiting the architectural qualities of his films.

Tim Wolfe-Murray

UPSIDE W - thinkers and makers - ATELIER 11,

Our Atelier has been researching Thames Gateway stories for the last three years, Tim had previously undertaken an obsessive investigation of the work of Ian Sinclair & the Isle of Grain. This year the Gateway site was the new and emerging city of Medway and the programme was the library. We started with the dissection of the Perec text; Tim's reading of the lives within the text was exquisitely crossed with the ideas of Robert Fludds and Guilio Romano's Memory Theatre (see The Art of Memory by Francis Yates). Tim has been playing with technology and construction via the incorporation of the five characters. The post-structural and programmatic games on the River Medway's derelict Sun Pier, have created a remarkable proposal for the cultural life of the city.

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