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Lea Valley Regeneration Hub, Registry and Cemetery

Part 2 Project 2005
Peter Foulk
Kingston University, UK
An existing cemetery, situated west of the A12, is reworked as a series of mausoleums/tombs, the roof of which forms a park, which bridges over the A12 towards the registry and regeneration hub. Archives are situated below the new ground, thus the records and graves form the foundation of this new community facility.

The regeneration hub is a temporary base to oversee the regeneration of the lower lea valley. Constructed in timber, it can be removed once its purpose is fulfilled, leaving the permanent concrete structure of the registry as a ruin, which mediates between the new and old ground.

Peter Foulk

The site is to the South of the Mile End Road on the fringes of the London Olympic bid. The land currently remains cut off from the surrounding area in programme and content. This project links Bow to the new works of the Lea Valley by redeveloping a disused cemetery and creating a raised park which joins to a public forum over the road. This civic building is rooted in the ground by an archive, evolves into a debating chamber and finally a registry which opens out onto the park above. The scheme also accommodates other important civic amenities.

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