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"reading the city"...Public library and media center.

Part 2 Project 2005
Freddy Sepulveda
University of La Serena La Serena Chile
Coquimbo is a city port located on a hill facing the Pacific Ocean; which has this particular way to walk between two sides of the city by this "urban stairs" that joint the civic spaces with the residential side..
across this stairs differents views of the landscape mix with interiors views.
the project is an answer to the relation between this place and the feelings while we are reading.
created for all who walk along this urban stairs everyday. "an aerial walk-board library"
The library could be like a connection between the information places and the streets, also an existing square pass trough the building to create a new interior public space , which are all the catalog information , and the reading rooms.

Freddy Sepulveda

His designed project try to find an answer to an unconcluded search: “The scale and position of men among this territory that he must live in”.
This project confronts us to the ocean-border situation territory: and to the appropriate way to stand in a steep slope of a peninsula, with the idea of extending the consolidated civic down town of Coquimbo port-city, to the periphery/hills.
The architectonic program of a Media-center turns to be the excuse to position men simultaneously in front of two scales of maritime landscapes; Coquimbo`s bay and the same name port-city, below its horizon, at no more than 200 meters away.

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