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Urban Micro Systems

Part 2 Project 2005
David Foronda
Juan Manuel Narvaez
Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Colombia
The project studies the green water fronts and their slums, in Medellín (Colombia)
We studied topographic breakdowns as discontinuities in the territory, due to: a. establish a limit to the growth and flux of communication system of city; b. constitute a complex natural and social ecosystem with no equilibrium c. studies and actions taken in those situations have been fragmentary causing a negative impact on territory

The project solves the subjects with a housing-shelter system. It pursues, apart of generating a building, producing environmental and social mechanisms so that the urban-architectonical project, will be a interdisciplinary, systemic and sustainable product.

David Foronda
Juan Manuel Narvaez

The importance of this submission appears when the design project recognizes the environmemt, the landscape and the existing settlements but also the way of living of the inhabitants of the neighborhood to produce an integral project that invoves the participation of different actors and multidisciplinary areas.
The lack of applied examples related to the subject of recovering the river baisins and density increasing on the existing adjacent block of houses, gives a light in the method to approach this type of projects which are of great importance of real proposals that help to improve the development in areas as Medellin.

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