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The Translation of Syntax. Developing a process of deobjectification.

Part 1 Project 2005
Jim Morris
University of Plymouth, UK
For the past year I have been engaged in an architectural investigation which acknowledges the dominance of the building object and searches for a process with which to react against it.

Originating in the theoretical writings of Rosalind Krauss and linked strongly to the sustained exploration of the origins of contemporary sculptural language, I have begun developing a language of literal contextualism which rejects architecture as an esoteric pictorially creative process confined to the building object and searches for a less introverted response to the literal condition of site and context. This process I now refer to as deobjectification.

Jim Morris

Initiating from dialogue on a live project (a new refectory for a secondary school), students were encouraged to be proactive in making strategic propositions on its spatial organisation and identity. Intelligent interventions combine with a critical reworking of existing elements to reinvigorate the school, all with a competent technical resolution. The project represents the emergence of a distinct personal language and means of expression, the only valid reference point being James Turrell, and possibly Holl and Kuma. What is especially interesting about the student is not what he is doing now, but what he will be doing in 10-20 years.

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