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Installation Art Gallery, Frankfurt

Part 2 Project 2005
Inga Sievert
University of Nottingham, UK
Frankfurt is famous for its duality: historic village on one side of the River Main modern metropolis on the other. The site for the proposal is the Old Bridge and the Main Island, forming an important connection between the two parts of the city. The building functions as a city wall – a gateway from one atmosphere to another. The route through the exhibition spaces mirrors this transition forming a journey from dark to light. Within these spaces, light has a presence of its own, creating an emotional impact rather than merely serving the purpose of illuminating the art work.
Inga Sievert

This project explored the theme of duality, the co-existence of opposing architectural elements through careful manipulation of spatial contrast and transition. Light, as an intangible element has been exploited as a creative medium, a building material to compose the architecture, to illuminate the art work, to enhance the spatial drama with distinct emotional quality and ambience.
Mimicking the journey through the city which has the intriguing duality, the spatial sequence in the art gallery leads the visitors from one atmosphere to another through the orchestration of light and dark.
To quote from Susanne Langer (Feeling and Form), “light is a variable factor; therefore the elements of architecture – the constituents of the total semblance – must be protean to the extent of allowing freely for the radical transformations that changes of light will make. In good buildings such changes are a source of richness and life; unusual lights bring out new forms and every change yields a complete, perceptible mood”. This is a good summary of Inga’s project.

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