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Sea Change

Part 1 Project 2005
Raphaela Potter
Oxford Brookes University Oxford UK
This project takes account of the very small, the local and the global. With a knowing allowance for chance it undertakes a systematic charting of the familiar against the unpredictable-placing actual, absurd and catastrophic events under close scrutiny. Here is a project that takes account of the legacy of the given site in Southwark by providing facilities for a wide range of activities including housing, carnival pavilions and laboratories for the monitoring of shifting micro-climates
Raphaela Potter

As sea levels rise and our bench-marks therefore no longer are believed; students considered stability and shift. They observed, recorded and proposed through methods that may become appropriate in a changing landscape. Technologies explored were more mechanical than electronic; drawings more physical than virtual and the predicted architecture more optimistic than apocalyptic. The major project was the design of a 'climate-change institute' sited on the south bank of the Thames in London. Schemes built on personal research carried out around the Thames in Oxford and took account of others' aspirations for the Coin Street area.

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