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“Thracian cult” – planning concept and visitors’ center

Part 2 Project 2005
Ivan Halev
University of Architecture,Civil Engineering and Geodesy Sofia Bulgaria
The Project concerns one of the biggest Thracian temples on the Balkans - the grave of what is believed to be a Thracian ruler, possibly Sitakes I.
Develops three different zones: Memory zone with the Thracian Cult Complex, Recreation zone with tourist facilities, Wine park.

The Visitor’s Center is a mediator between present and past; the building becomes part of an imaginary structure “macro-tumulus”: the Thracian Complex is its core chamber, the existing hill represents it physically, and the contemporary building represents components of a Thracian temple: the dromos (corridor towards the altar) and the crepida (stone embankment of the mound).

Ivan Halev

The Project is developed during the Xth semester of study, within the specialization course in “Preservation of Architectural Heritage” for Master degree in the Department “History and Theory of Architecture”.

Project objectives:
- to reveal the region’s cultural and natural potential;
- to present Thracian heritage;
- to socialize the designated Thracian cultural monuments in the region;
- to contribute to the development of cultural tourism, as a source for the economic revitalization of the region.

Evaluation criteria:
- actual theme;
- thorough examination of the problem on conceptual, territorial and structural levels;
- professionally presented historical approach and contemporary designing skills;
- applicable in practice.

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