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Changing Limits, University Pontificia Bolivariana Campus

Part 2 Project 2005
Paolo Carrasquilla Zapata
Emily Birch
Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana Colombia
Project rethinks the University`s Campus, occupying a great block in a residential sector of the city, and proposes articulation of a multimodal edge with public spaces in the campus and the city district. The social action, underlying the architectonic proposal, generates economic profits for the University.

The project proposes replacing the university`s existing exterior closing wall , giving continuity to environmental and urban spaces inside and outside the campus, improving pedestrians movility. A strategy of folding and generating surfaces, conform non divided spaces and increases useful areas, assuring the institution new development areas and public space without losing physical area.

Paolo Carrasquilla Zapata
Emily Birch

The project derives from a theorical research, dealing with valueable residential sectors and modern tradition, inMedellín city.
It redefines University´s Campus contemporary function, as quality assuring of public space; adding, the district`s original urban layout -a Garden City interpretation in the 40s-, a new way of joining the need for public space and developiment areas of this private university.

The architectonic project as strategy, verifies formal theories, finding nonviolent control forms, changing space limits for playful encounters, creating symbolic forms for the university/market economy relation, developing diverse architectural language which varies in accordance with research in materials and places.


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