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Part 2 Project 2005
Jesus Ricardo Ruales Franco Rodriguez
Lorraine Whitstance
National University of Colombia, Manizales Manizales Colombia
This work is for the “north hillside”, a urban planning area in Manizales . The problem was the differentiated levels of marginality. The urban project goal was to rescue 3 natural reserves as a public space system, as a time coherent with environnmental, urban and social needs.

Four great factors determine this proposal: mobility, environnment, urban centrality and equipments. In a urban diagnosis phase this factors had been studied, so that needed strategical projects could be identified to articulate an ecological grid of public spaces and eco-parks. Our challenge was to get an integral solution for public space in the area.

Jesus Ricardo Ruales Franco Rodriguez
Lorraine Whitstance

This grade work intended to design an urban project of space public taking as composition axis the Gulch The Guamo whose waters circulate for one of the densest urban developments of popular housing in the city of Manizales, Colombia. Starting from the systemic vision of the public space it was possible to relate the territorial classification with the urban project through the integration of environmental variables, of mobility, central areas and equipment, to achieve an integral and integrative design proposal of recovery of the gulch as many offer of space collective public of the adjacent neighborhoods.

ARQ. Luis Fernando Acebedo


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