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Part 2 Project 2005
Florencia Conalbi
María E. Parodi
Paola Meretta
University of Mendoza Mendoza Argentina
The Project is located in Nasca’s pampa, in the coastal desert of Peru.

The challenge was to design a view point (mirador) that allows people to admire the lines and drawings carved on the ground by the ancient Nasca civilization, only possible to see from a great height.

The building group is composed by a view point platform and hostel which give tourists and visitors the chance to stay overnight in one of the mystic places of South America.

The main idea is to get water in one of driest areas on earth.

The viewpoint is intended to look like a flower in the desert trying to collect the mist with its petals from the fog, only source of water that comes almost every morning, through condensing canvas collecting and saving water as a sign of life.

Conalbi – Meretta - Parodi

Florencia Conalbi
María E. Parodi
Paola Meretta

The project has take part in the International Competition of Nasca, Perú, and respond to the objectives imposed to the workshop, mainly, explore well architectonical technical of design with sustainable criteria, use renewable energy systems integrated in the building, reserched new technologies and technics to produce potable water.

From this way, two project response to global change, in a regional manner articulated with real social protagonists.

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