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Regional Library

Part 1 Project 2005
Shawn Archer
University of Technology Kingston Jamaica, West Indies
Regional Library # 1665

The library is sympathetic to the already-existing hierarchy of iconic monuments within Port Antonio, bringing together books, eyes, computer screens and actual windows to form one WINDOW.
A symbolic apparatus filtering time, digital projection screens allow the casual passer to glimpse yesterday's Port Antonio or to overlay image projections of tomorrow's development onto the “realscape”.

The main intentions were to:-
* Contribute to the re-vitalization of the historic Foreshore Road;
* Equate the user’s experience through the window to light; Reflection, Refraction and Diffraction.
* Re-establish the civic importance of the main square.

Shawn Archer

Excellent in its response to concept, program, and context.
The project’s focus on notions of ‘projection’ is clearly shown in the response to place, recognizing the site’s relationship to the adjacent streets. Articulation of the structure as a system of frames which engage both building and exterior spaces, is in keeping with the guiding concept. These frames also connect the place to the town and distant views of the sea.
The proposal reinforced the special role of the building as a Parish library while successfully intervening in an historical context with a modern building.

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