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Part 1 Project 2006
Jane Mulvey
Edinburgh College of Art Edinburgh UK
The relationship between the Jack Kane Centre and Craigmiller is fundamental in the progression of the city, community, and culture. This dynamism is reflected in the project, which seeks to fuse these two pre-existing elements with the design of a primary school + facilities, through its converging transportation system.

The school positions itself to symbolically and functionally engage with its context. Conceived as an extension of the landscape, the flowing space becomes a playful world of prefabricated facilities with a snaking wall, experienced as colourful exhibits. The scheme works against the institutionalised ‘norm’ by creating an environment which stimulates self-learning.

Jane Mulvey

The impressive aspect of this project lies in its capacity to support an alternative approach to Craigmillar’s redefinition of itself by focusing on opportunities latent within the pre-existing geography of Craigmillar. Five strategic situations are identified for the location of primary schools. Jane’s school is a playful world of prefabricated facilities experienced as colourful exhibits in a huge groovy shed with a snaking sensory wall. It is in the grounds of the Jack Kane Centre which now becomes re-established as a significant social, music and dance centre.

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