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Urban Village Intervention: A Linear Plaza in Shenzhen

Part 1 Project 2006
LUK Wing Lun, william
Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
Urban Village is formed under large number of immigration of citizens from other proviences. The living quality is reather poor with high density. This project focuses on a new strategy to re-develop one of these villages in a prototypical way.

Providing a walkway cutting through a plaza in the middle to link up the village. The plaza becomes a piece of void space supporting different kinds of activities by responding to its neighbourhood. Spaces, including markets, restraurants, and performing spaces, are evolved through weaving of elements and this hold a new order of the village for future development.

LUK Wing Lun, william

The studio set out to study the emergent phenomenon of "village-within-city" in Shenzhen, China, where rampant development of low cost, un-regulated housing projects had sprung up under the rapid urbanization. The student's work observes the pattern of large-scale landscape park of the Shenzhen, and investigates the notion of landscape urbanism as a proto-strategy to re-construct the village as a micro-urban condition of a shopping-park space and to give back the original marketplace in a different form. The result is a genuine public space, not just a "shopping experience" for the village dwellers in this otherwise generic city.

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