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Part 1 Project 2006
Yeo Jing Guang, Matthew
National University of Singapore, Singapore
“Garden-of-Painting@Chinatown” is a small project aimed at making a big statement about social, architectural and environmental issues. Set in the heart of Chinatown, the building increases awareness of Chinese culture through its program of Chinese painting and architecture that is inspired by the poetics of the traditional Chinese garden. The building maximizes space in a densely built up heritage district, utilising an existing pedestrian bridge to provide a retreat of nature and adds new meaning to the area for the elderly. As an expression of independence, the building incorporates various self-sustaining technology to minimize its impact on the environment.
Yeo Jing Guang, Matthew

The project “Garden-of-Painting@Chinatown” is a sensitive exploration of art, in particular Chinese painting, as an alternative for the development of an aging population. The premise is ordinary - Chinese painting is a common hobby amongst Chinese retirees. However, the art inspires the architecture at several levels. The architecture itself is conceived as layers, each layer itself an expression of Chinese painting through architectonics. Landscape is not just integrated with the building but framed in ways reminiscent of Chinese painting. This integration is achieved subtly, using structure, circulation and vista as natural opportunities. The result is architecture as ecology and art.

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