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A Concert Hall for Paretz

Part 1 Project 2006
David Valinsky
University of Cambridge, UK
The scheme was intended not simply to respect the historical setting of Paretz but to actively engage with its forms, materiality and original spatial aspirations.

Its siting recreates the symmetrical formality of the square now as public space, with the hall an integral part of the public face of the village. The treatment of the ground plane ties together the new hall and square and creates an outdoor performance space.

The material and constructional approach has built on local methods, always with simplicity and lucidity in mind, creating a scheme that quietly takes its place within the revitalised whole.

David Valinsky

Students were challenged to develop sensitive interventions in a fragile historic setting.

The candidate proposed a small concert hall, restoring the symmetry with buildings either side of the Schloß, the subtle programme complementing the whole.

The scheme is simple displaying an understanding and respect for the vernacular whilst also being distinct and self-assured. The plan suggests a traditional timber arched structure exerting forces onto distinctive buttresses around the perimeter.

This is an intelligent and endearingly English investigation on how construction might inform design by a designer who sees himself as both architect and custodian. The work displays remarkable maturity.

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