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National Portrait Gallery

Part 2 Project 2006
Stephanie Morgia
University of Sydney, Australia
The ambitions of a new National Portrait Gallery in Canberra requires a solution that can find resolution between two opposing notions- modesty and monument.

A new insertion into an established civic and cultural precinct in the Nation’s capital warrants a gesture grand in scale, complementary to the monumentality of its prominent neighbours- the National Gallery of Australia and the High Court of Australia in its immediate surrounds.

However, a place for the public that celebrates individuals demands a legibility and intimacy in scale- an alternative kind of civic building that provides a medium for the display, viewing, interpretation and understanding of portraiture…

Stephanie Morgia

The project submitted is for a major public building in the Parliamentary Triangle of Canberra. It is notable for the strength of its theoretical exploration of the brief and for the rigour of the architectural resolution as well as the quality of its internal spaces.

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