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A Music Library

Part 1 Project 2006
Jon-Paul Palombo
Liverpool John Moores University UK
The Music Library derives from a personal passion for Music. It sets out to challenge current attitudes, traditions and restrictions in the industry, expressing invention of musical storage, archive, demonstration and practice, through the exhibition of all its forms.
The concept grew from the chronological stages in one's musical journey, first introduction, through practice and experimentation, to polished performance. With investigations into sound and its relationship with space in the city, areas of the building offer great intimacy for performers. The Heart lies in the central cube, a labyrinth of musical archive, pierced by sound through the demonstration chamber.

Jon-Paul Palombo

The Music Library provides a potent edge that encloses and delineates generating key urban spaces.
The building’s linear skeleton is perceived as a journey from its ‘gateway entrance’ on the east through to a series of musical journeys to the termination of an urban garden courtyard at the west.
The music library and the musical instrument museum coexist as a single entity to reinforce the world of theory along with the palpability of the object. The central ‘chamber’ permits impromptu performances to filter and resonate throughout, drawing parallels with a musical instrument: building and instruments are assimilated as one experience.

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