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East End Community School

Part 2 Project 2006
Robert Stiles
University of Bath | UK
Located just inside of the borough of Tower Hamlets, and just within the congestion zone of central London, Denning Point Tower and the adjacent East End Community School occupy an interesting overlap of Eastern and Western cultures. The existing 23 storey, 1960's residential tower sits awkwardly in the middle of its plot; set back from each boundary and disconnected from the city that surrounds it. To successfully negotiate the awkwardness of this position, the new school buildings need to positively engage with the tower, initiating a dialogue between community, city and school.
Robert Stiles

This project began with an investigation of the design of a single classroom along with a concurrent study of the Hertfordshire Schools Programme. The precedent study clearly understood and communicated the development of a constructional system and its architectural possibilities and then used this knowledge to develop a classroom design based on a very different constructional idea. In the design of the school Rob developed these ideas much further and the final project is highly accomplished at all levels, from its urban design and organisation down to the spatial qualities of rooms and the constructional ideas.

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