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Presenting the City

Part 2 Project 2006
Elizabeth Murphy
University of Plymouth, UK
The ambitions of this project are to bring together the cities neglected Arts and Cultural Institutions and regenerate an area of the inner city through the creation of a new public space.
The design aims to bring a greater sense of openness and accessibility to the cities Institutions, reflect the history of the site, whilst equally addressing the issues of sustainability, both socially and environmentally
The project also focuses on improving the public realm redressing the balance between the city dweller and the car, and acknowledges the city as a space for people, events, meeting and as a public forum.

Elizabeth Murphy

Liz's concerns for people and sustainability have informed her work from the outset, and her concern for live issues led to the selection of a key city centre site which demanded attention. Her proposals skillfully knit together very different parts of the city with a vibrant public space and related arts, archive and exhibition activities.
Her attention to detail is explored through large scale physical models and technical studies, indicating a sensitivity to the occupation of external and internal space. These concerns are supported by the development of innovative technical solutions, creating sophisticated integration of sustainable materials and systems.

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