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Hunting Club and Restaurant, Camden

Part 1 Project 2006
Jonas Høgli Major
Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Norway
The project is inspired by an observation I made of pigeons living under Royal College Bridge (crossing Regents Canal). I wanted to create a building that would contain the programs in an ideal way, but also take aim at being a part of the local ecology. Based on this I worked with attracting birds and then using them as dynamic elements, animating the experience of the building.
The programs for the building are: a hunting club where you can “shoot” birds in the middle of London, and a restaurant where you can eat game birds representing each “shot” bird.

Jonas Høgli Major

Jonas’ project is derived from a fascination with the hidden stories that underpin our cities. Taking cues from the local ecology, myths and class tensions of this central London site, Jonas has created a rich program of interwoven events, each with a suitably apt device. The narrative of the program has shaped the multi-layered architectural response, which is explored through models and atmospheric sketches. His distinct voice and style permeates and reinforces his proposal for a new kind of restaurant in London, where the guest must face up to the realities of meat-eating through “shooting” their meals.

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