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The Lewis Carroll Centre of Imagination

Part 2 Project 2006
Stephen McCarrick
Liverpool John Moores University, UK
Considering performance and reality, it's fair to say that they sit opposite one another as mirrored entities. Reality encompasses everything we know and do, however performance can encompass anything we dare to imagine. "Imagine a wonderland", a place were reality is bent until it nearly breaks, exploiting the grey area between the real and unreal. The element of performance is celebrated and exploited in a way which sees both performance and education working together using the media of photography, dance, music, writing and set design. All that can exist individually or combined, can capture the wonderland of anybody’s imagination.
Stephen McCarrick

The government initiative to steer northern England cities towards becoming viable attractors to modify the magnet of the South-East brings the territory from Dublin to Rotterdam into focus. At the centre, in terms of communications, is Warrington, where north-south / east-west rail intersect. This project ranges through research (the unearthing of Lewis Carroll as a Warringtonian) the triangulation of the city fabric into a long-term development scenario and the design of an Arts Building, in itself a lattice of fascinations, gives and takes from the adjoining stadium and supermarket. Carroll’s literature and symbolic logic inform a dream-like Architecture of Wakefulness.

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