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Art Exchange

Part 1 Project 2006
Josephine Turner
University of Sydney, Australia
'Art Exchange' - a small community gallery -uses the medium of contemporary art to provoke debate, dialogue and exchange of ideas between its users.

As the three disparate urban zones surrounding the site diverge, the site is conceptually fractured, generating the tectonic language of the design. The programme of each building (Educational/ Residential/ Commercial) corresponds to these zones and is thereby treated as an extension of that zone onto the site.

The severing of the site generates a richly dynamic courtyard space, animated by the visible art-making process and active dialogue between artists and public.

Josephine Turner

The design approach focuses on the inherent tensions of the site, straddling three city precincts. These sheer the site along
conceptual fault lines, opening to create a
central courtyard around which the building emerges.

The building is broken into three components and develops the
formal language of a fractured terrain both formally and experientially.
Within this language, spaces are designed exploring the continuum between
publicness and privateness and the resulting potential for interaction,
engagement and exchange.

The project is nominated for its sophisticated formal and spatial
resolution of a difficult corner site and program and its successful
integration of linkages with its context.

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