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Part 1 Project 2006
Maria Isabel Espitia Gil
National University of Colombia-Medellin Medellin Colombia
This project is a multi-housing system solution for relocate an in danger low income community, that invaded the “remolino’s creek” setback ordinance in Medellín -Colombia. The proposal also aims to recover the creek as a public space and to solve the 100 dwellings required for his proximity with the massive bus system transportation “Metro Plus”.

The project was inspired in honeycombs. The hexagonal steel spatial structure is also the base of the three types of dwellings. The structure, covered with Dry Wall, form an air camera system between the dwellings, that contains electrical and hydrosanitaries installations. It is a flexible, lighted and permeable building.

Maria Isabel Espitia Gil

Our sixth semester project workshop aims to solve urban problems with multi-housing projects. Medellín is in a linear valley formed by big mountains. The city is structured transversally by numerous creeks dangerously descending from this mountains. The city planning law ordain a 15 m setback in both sides of the creeks, for public space destination and disasters prevention. Unfortunately the setbacks are invaded by low income people who are risking their lives.
This project has been nominated for his creative solution to this problem. The proposal relocates the residents in site and in to an innovative beehive structural system based in honeycombs.

Professor Juan Carlos Castañeda Acero.

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