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Chinese- Opera Pavilion- Modular architecture

Part 1 Project 2006
Chan Shuk Fun
Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
My school project: A school for mentally- disabled children is our potential client.

Scheme is to build a portable performance stage for them to practise and perform music in the public.

For these unfortunate children, body language is important to expressing themselves on a stage. Thus I began with a dancing concept, comes along with a module of dynamic form. With polycarbonate as the major structural material, I started research and modified the form from a simple arch structure to a surface structure.

It was an exciting process when what would result was uncertain, but it was a breakthrough.

Chan Shuk Fun

In this studio, I would like you to investigate two issues: Firstly, the Inter-Activity of Architecture and Senses and secondly, the Tactile Meaning and Quality of Architecture, and of course their synergies. One not only enjoy the content of the activities, but also the ambience a piece of architecture designed to extend them. A "technics" of architecture will result when the poetics of the issues are interfaced. Like reading a poem, there should be a continuity of thoughts and intentions. The lineage of the process should be celebrated together with the eventual realisation of the same.

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