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Living Venetian Bridge

Part 2 Project 2006
Robert Moore
University of Portsmouth, UK
The personal goal for the thesis was to create a method to control concept design.

Our studio focuses on context driven design, Venice being the topic for this year and last. I developed the idea of travelling through Venetian streets on a previous project and this was developed with the idea of a Venetian bridge. The findings developed from the dissertation project on Japanese traditional structure and organisation were also used.

These ideas were clarified within a concept outlining where they are represented. So that the scheme could be designed with clear intent from masterplan to detail design

Robert Moore

Inspired by Japanese architecture and the use of timber jointing , this became a metaphor for Robert’s architectural response in Venice, a building that could be analogous to a joint, connecting two parts of the city.

It related to a master plan which reinvented a part of Venice. It was a bridge, containing a series of functions strongly related to its context. The bridge has a law library, and support facilities for the existant local courts. The journey across the bridge is part of an extended journey , a promenade, across Venice.
The scheme is subtle in the way it relates to the water, captures the reflected light in the library, but also generous at the scale of the city.

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