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Terra Fluxus – The Changing States of a Seaside Town

Part 1 Project 2006
Paolo Scianna
Kingston University, UK
Through a series of dialectical moves (making then sacrificing ground) at the northerly and southerly most points of Aldeburgh, the project attempts to stabilise the town’s relationship with the North Sea. Cultural, social and historical elements are established and “solidified” through a clarification of the fishing tradition with a new market to the North. To the South, large areas of land are sacrificed to the sea in a combined Coastal Re-alignment Strategy and Climate Research Unit. The Climate Research Unit becomes the “fluid” gateway for a new landscape, whilst also acting as a pilot scheme for future Coastal Re-alignment projects.
Paolo Scianna

Paolo’s work is part enabling structure, part building. It shows great sensitivity and intellectual rigour, highlighting the physical and economical plight of Aldeburgh, a place subject to extreme levels of erosion. The introduction of a weigh station serving a fishing industry, juxtaposed against an existing civic fragment, it attempts to regenerate and amplify a culture. The second phase, a climate research unit linked to the UEA , controls a coastal realignment arrived at cultivating new forms of agriculture from the salt marshes. While this proposal is attuned to the particular of the local its regional scope reveals a strategic intent.

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