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Chinese Opera Institute (COI) - Construct of an Image

Part 2 Project 2006
Poh Choon Hock
Laura Janicka
National University of Singapore | Singapore
Chinese Opera (CO), amidst its rich visuals, is suprisingly spatial and architectural in its construct of images in space, through theatrical semiotics and abstraction of space via controlled body movements. This triggers the attempt to use architecture as a tool to communicate this essence to the public. Architecture helps create "Opera". Opera accentuates Architecture's involvement in creating this theatrical image and space. As such, definition of a CO auditorium space is very different from contemporary auditorium standards, which sadly dilutes CO's elusiveness. Transparency of construct in CO and in the architecture attempts to bind them in mutual appreciation.
Poh Choon Hock
Laura Janicka

An individualistic and original synthesis, embedded with delights and subtleties – The result of a critical and allegorical way of thinking.
In its varying contemplations, this project reconsiders the notion of a public building and its engagement to a changing context and responds to our increasingly complex private/public experience, offering rich, innovative images of semi-private spaces in a public setting. Cultural aspiration is treated as a by-product of the resultant architectural spaces and form, and not an aim from the onset. Such a deliberate yet indirect treatment of culture works to perfection in this wonderfully crafted project.


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