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Chinese Health Culture Exchange

Part 2 Project 2006
Thomas Turner
Mackintosh School of Architecture, UK
My proposal is for a center of cultural exchange between East and West; Glaswegians and the Chinese Community in Glasgow. The programme of the building focuses on social and health issues. It is both a community center and a center of traditional Chinese health care. It is a building that inspires its users to reflect on the way they lead their lives and offers alternative approaches to lifestyle.

The idea draws on two existing phenomena; An increasing interest in the UK in the health aspects of traditional Chinese culture and an under resourced support network for the Chinese community.

By addressing these situations the building brings together two communities and offers a platform for cultural exchange.

Thomas Turner

Tom’s project is extremely rigorously researched and creatively resolved.
His intervention anticipates the demand for equitable and diverse forms of mental and physical health programmes in counterpoint to those provided by the NHS.

The solution skilfully interweaves activity and journey and by careful manipulation of the section manages to create a complex sequence of spaces that vary in character as well as programme. The sublime introverted cloister gradually becomes a series of rooms floating in the park amongst the trees.

Tom’s conscientious and creative approach to his work is matched by his innovative ability to skilfully relate technology to environmental context giving his project a truly holistic approach.

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