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Reconstructing Londons Mythology

Part 1 Project 2006
John Robinson
University of Nottingham, UK
The Poetry of London's past is lost in the tumult of modern life. I began, by unearthing the imaginations of Blake, Bachelard and Fisher, to re-establish a new myth for London.

The project takes the form of a dream-like journey through, above and below London, through which two groups most oppressed by Londons lifeless-ness (the homeless population and insurance brokers)are renewed.

Architecturally, the idea of the procession and experience (rather than cheap form-making) is central. This is a gradual process of revelation, through descent in a cemetery, rebirth in a sky-farm and re-assocation with society in a kitchen.

John Robinson

John Robinson’s approach is both witty and thoughtful, and yet rigorously and seriously considered. Explored, researched and finally presented by way of beautiful hand drawn images, the design is carefully and thoughtfully developed. At each stage, the marks are the original made on the original paper, not traced and not copied.

The scheme comments on the fabric of our cities, from both a physical and social position, and proposes a magical but meaningful scenario and architectural expression, that brings together and uses a palette of found objects and materials with contemporary technologies.

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