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Part 2 Project 2006
Kristin Braut
Wenche Andreassen
Oslo School of Architecture and Design Oslo Norway
A map identical with its territory is unnecessary.
We are interested in maps as devices for discovering unknown aspects of a situation. In our work drawing is an operative practice - the question is not: ‘what does it mean?’, but rather ‘how does it work?’ Our site of investigation is found within the experience of the city. The project is generated through a sampling of urban territory, working with how you actually perceive something as opposed to what you know to be true. The search has been for other connections and separations between parts than those conventionally represented in maps.

Kristin Braut
Wenche Andreassen

The project: ”CHARTED TERRITORY” by Kristin Knutsen Braut and Wenche Andreassen is a semi-intuitive investigation of generic qualities of present urban situations through rigorous urban mapping of a specific urban situation.

The project is exemplary in its balance between intuition and structure. The precise use of mapping techniques combined with an impressive and well documented process provides a clear insight into choices and priorities in the project. Mappings and drawings are beautifully presented, and the projects results in a number of fascinating architectural elements. The project was presented in an interesting way in an old shop.

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