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Urbanism and Plymouth

Part 1 Project 2006
Christopher Lewis
University of Plymouth Plymouth UK
A sponge, that draws in the essence of individual and varying societies closely situated yet segregated. Creating the first step in the development of a network that connects all areas of the city and the inhabitants inside it.

Individual perception, recognition, influence and you create the centre.

My architecture centre is a container like any other building utilizing quality, materiality, light, structural strategies which all have scientific expression – what will make this proposal a success is that these ingredients have been absorbed by the container!

Christopher Lewis

Engaging the question facing proponents of an actual project in the Southwest, students explored ‘what is an architecture centre’? Inherent in this challenge was definition of the brief and site, and delineating the building’s role within the physical and social fabric of Plymouth. This project presents an invigorating response generated through a marriage of social and spatial agendas, supported through self-generated interaction with the community and a broadened study of space, form and fabric. The project is marked by a synergetic inventiveness to technology and spatial articulation, creating a transitional catalytic playground that is simultaneously humane, exploratory and fun.

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