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“The city as a place of learning”

Part 2 Project 2006
Janine Beauchamp
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Port Elizabeth South Africa
“The city as a place of learning” explores place-making in the city to facilitate the creation of a campus and school that utilises existing buildings and new additional structures, that add a contemporary layer to the historic site. The campus will be a concentration and celebration of learning activities within the heart of the city, while the city forms the place of learning.

The project explores the creation of a new campus for the University’s Faculty of Arts; the design of a new School of Architecture, and the conceptual outline to incorporate Graphic and Fine Art Schools’ on the campus.

Janine Beauchamp

The university campus was originally located in Bird Street. The motivation therefore existed for the university to be re-positioned in the urban domain while re-establishing its presence in Bird Street as an ideal position for the creation of an arts campus.

The project responded well to the urban issues of movement and creation of public space.

The movement of people through the site was incorporated along the edge of the school of architecture; thus also inviting people to view exhibitions and architectural presentations produced by the students. This movement also linked the school with other schools on the new campus, streets and parking areas.

The building opens up in celebration of a large green public space.

The response to the historical buildings on site was achieved by the creation of a “quiet” building that gives relief to the existing buildings. A slender new building allows for the creation of a lightwell between it and the existing structure; giving life to the old building.

Comments of Examining panel.

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