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Altered States

Part 1 Project 2006
Emma Eagleton
University of Nottingham
Interested in environmental issues, globalisation, collective human action and its significant environmental impact, "hidden" systems and the positive use of by-products and waste:

An alchemical pharmacy where by-products become commodity. Dipping. Dripping. Steaming. Clinking. A visceral landscape invites enquiry into the intricacies of the unseen processes.

Re-used intoxicated wood high on sea-salt and spirits is sculpted; creating a changing terrain and shelter, recording the dialogue between human and environment as the machines and liquids drip and scrape at the palimpsest.

The story is on the drawing board. A continuous dance - sculptors at work puppeteered by lashing waves, heavy rain and prickly heat. Overlapping geometry, overlapping actions. Choreographed by the people.

Emma Eagleton

Off shore from Liverpool. A Mount Athos. A Shifted State between land, water and air. Atonement and release.

Valves, chambers, flappers smoke fish into food. With steam, with noise, with ardour.

Nostrils penetrated. Glistening leathers created. Alive.

Alcohol is required. To salve the pirates injured pride? Raging. Rampaging, while distillation forms a fog cloaking sleep. Hard warmth.

Blades turn, dragging spheres of influence across searing plains. Sand. Blasted. Peas. Steamed. Herbs. Crushed.

The tie that binds this quiet icon?

She’s Creative, Chemical, and Electrical.

She knows the thing won’t burn; it’s just silica and stones.

She knows her thinking will.

A conviction is made.

The sentence is clear.

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