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Cultural-Turistic Complex for Ushuaia

Part 2 Project 2006
Julian Ortiz Baeza
Martin Tapia
University of Mendoza Mendoza Argentina
When we start with this project our purpose was to make a landmark that brights in night as a lighthouse at the end of the world, the 24.000 sq. feet complex, conformed by a library, two exposition halls, music hall, bar, Auditorium, and other facilities for tourism, is extended in the ground, and connected by “pasarellas” and a funicular in orther to achieve perspectives and fusion with lanscape.
Auditorium, expositions halls and music hall are covered by crystal roofs, erasing the bound between hearth and sky.
The complex views and is viewed from each point of city, mountains , sea

Julian Ortiz Baeza
Martin Tapia

This Cultural-Turistic Complex for Ushuaia, wich is the more austral city in Argentina and in the world is a fine example of that our good students can achieve.
In a place where architecture is a sinonym of sheltered construction, some crystal boxes opened to sky and environement.
Volume play wich ground in a poetic gesture like a frozen dance visible from all relevant points of the bay and sea, in orther to be a signal, a gate for the city, his residence and visitors.
This technically possible solution in indeed and excelent architectural answer for the XXI siecle.

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