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Urban Music Village, Manchester

Part 2 Project 2006
Wesley Roberts
University of Huddersfield Huddersfield UK
In the heart of Rusholme stood Maine Road Stadium, it’s scale and function gave the area a heart surrounded rows of terraced housing. In 2004 Maine road stadium was demolished, Rusholme had lost it’s heart.

Maine Road Community Music centre is designed to replace this heart with Manchester’s other great export; music. The building is designed to replicate the huge scale of the demolished stadium, rhythmic goal posts suspending music note forms that puncture the skin to let sound escape to the sky. Wires absorb impact sound, inspired by studio condenser microphone cradles. This building is a musical instrument, but it does not make sound; it stops it.

Wesley Roberts

Evolving from the synthesis of the Dissertation 'Sound Buildings' research and Design Thesis development, the design comprises a series of acoustically isolated suspended auditoria held within a highly tectonic structural system of portal frames, suggesting future possibilities of flexibility adaptability change, and reminiscent of Paris's Pompidou Centre, but bristling with attitude. The final realisation is full throttle Punk Rock Architecture.

Wes achieved a Diploma in Architecture with Commendation for Design.

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