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The City of Exiles

Part 2 Project 2006
Daniel Burt, Sam Dawkins BenOlschner, Will Wang
University of Edinburgh Edinburgh UK
The City of Exiles is the name of the group proposal for urban renewal in Floriana, Malta. The City of Exiles instigates a process of regeneration by constructing new connective tissue of urban seams. Four architectural propositions are embedded within these seams: an Optical Space, a Market and Bus Station, a Broadcasting House, Concert Hall & Park and a Gymnasium. These proposals work alongside less specific programmes to counter the corridor nature of Floriana by regulating the flow of movement across the city - from pausing on a park bench to settling as a new resident. It becomes a city, not just a place to pass through, but a place to remain.
Daniel Burt, Sam Dawkins BenOlschner, Will Wang

The ‘City of Exiles’ is the product of a group thesis of extraordinary depth. By embedding a new system into Floriana’s fractured urban grid (a system literally drawn from an intense analysis of Valletta’s physical condition) Dan, Sam, Will and Ben create a network of seams, cuts, wells, bridges, gates, eddies and traps that operate as a geological disturbance, revealing the complex section of this limestone city. Throughout, their key strength is ‘depth’. Their work, which is beautifully documented in a series of bound reports, oscillates with ease between the heights of poetic abstraction and the depths of obsessive detail.

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