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Reclaim the Beach

Part 2 Project 2006
Alison Killing
Oxford Brookes University Oxford UK
This project’s starting point was the contrast between an introverted, intellectual Oxford and the popular culture of extrovert Brighton beach. It looks at the permanence and ephemera of Brighton beach, proposing a library devoted to popular magazines. A periodicals library has a greater accumulation problem than most libraries, so the building is extended each year to accommodate the new additions: one copy of each magazine is kept while the rest are recycled to make cardboard to construct the next part of the library. This is done in a workshop on site, housed in railway carriages that use the existing railway tracks to move along the site with the library.
Alison Killing

This is an expanding recycled cardboard periodicals library. It aims to begin the revitalisation of the run down Dukes Mound stretch of Brighton’s beachfront. It brings together the scholar and the beachbum and the creative construction worker. It is at the same time a very enjoyable and gentle spectacle promoting ecological consciousness. The project’s formal development was initiated by making measured drawings of undulating water surfaces. We nominated this project because it engages really well on so many levels, it combines a social and cultural awareness and richness with a very creative and open approach to architectural form and construction.

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