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Curating Walls, a photographers' gallery for London

Part 1 Project 2006
Augustus RL Brown
London Metropolitan University UK
Curating Walls, attempts to unravel the complexity of photographic practise; its medium, curation and orchestration. Through rigorous investigations I explore the seamless relationship between the compositional and curatorial qualities found within the works of Giorgio Morandi, seeking to convey these ideas at various scales from the curiously intimate to the unconventionally austere and their relationship to the commanding works of Jeff Wall. I begin to question the role of the ‘white cube’ space; just as many contemporary practitioners push boundaries in representation. A building that tries not to curate photography, but to think of curation as a tool for design.
Augustus RL Brown

The year’s thesis develops from the notion of the Lucid Room, playing on the title of Barthes’ speculation on photography. Through a series of preparatory projects, dense and formally powerful spaces are developed and defined, establishing scales and particular qualities of light, which structure more understated, nuanced built form within a gallery of photography. These spaces move between interior and exterior conditions, describing curatorial concerns in relation to permanent and temporary exhibition and establishing potentials for inhabitation. Articulate but also playful, the project achieves a high level of resolution and intellectual closure across a range of scales to 1:1.

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