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Symbiosis Space in Yuen Long

Part 2 Project 2006
CHOY Wai Chi, Chris
Chinese University of Hong Kong Hong Kong China
It is a thesis to explore the idea of SYMBIOSIS in applying to city transformation. The idea of SYMBIOSIS emphasize in connecting human with different classes, ages and districts and to search for the co-existing relation between different communities, public programmes and nature. It suggests a diversity of public urban life which aims to recall the collective memory and to define the local identity in a centralized condition.

The thesis demonstrates the way to achieve symbiosis by centralizing and hybridizing the public space as the reacting forces for the urban fragmentation phenomenon in the city transformation.

CHOY Wai Chi, Chris

The candidate’s thesis addresses critically two urbanization issues : ‘fragmented utopia’-agglomeration of self centered developments that negate interconnecting network of public spaces and non-sustainability of local identity and cultural experience in contemporary urbanization by quantitative land use planning . He questions the role of architecture and urban design to remedy.

Based upon thorough research on New Town Policy, histories of urban development and local cultures, he successfully answers the thesis question with sophistications by developing a strategy of combining spatial re-networking with programmatic hybridization and creates a continuous urban landscape architecture to re-embody the qualities and experience of urban living.

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