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Urban Building:A part in Nature. A theatre for all parts

Part 1 Project 2006
Richard Penny
University of Strathclyde, UK
The brief was for the design of a theatre to seat 150, with recommendations to address out of work actors; and to explore the meaning of to play in a macro context.

The response is a metaphysical analysis rendering Nature in a subjective way, as theatre. Where all things play a-part.

The response to accommodating out of work actors is through Encounter groups. This utilizes the skills of the actor and applies it in helping others to learn to live or act through role-play i.e. the angry driver, loving parent… one of many selves, parts within the whole

Richard Penny

The selected project concluded a session long investigation into the relationship between the city, and it's constituent part, the individual building, as an introduction to urban design whereby each student had to develop an urban strategy within which were developed specific programme typologies of housing and public building. The selected project was deemed especially meritorious for its site selection, re-use of existing structures, and associated urban strategy, but in particular for it's intellectual agenda, and technical resolution, particularly in terms of construcution and environmental response. The whole and the detail were noted as being in considerable accord.

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