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New Brighton Lido

Part 1 Project 2007
Ninnie Yeo
University of Liverpool, UK
Inherent in the notion of ‘lido’ is the obsession with body-culture. The body is beautified and exposed. The lido lends itself to voyeurism as a manifestation of sexuality. This scheme is founded on conviction that a catwalk epitomizes the very essence of idolising beauty. Its architectural language, functional organisation and spatial distribution are synthesised accordingly. The intention of the lido is to challenge and examine the conception of social hierarchies and boundaries, the way they are expressed in architectural space, form and order. There is no room for political correctness with regards to the fictive image of the catwalk doll.
Ninnie Yeo

A lido is a place for display, of families and children, of the pleasures of water, and for girls and boys. Themed around the fashion show, this scheme contrasts the chaos of backstage represented in its labyrinthine changing rooms with soaring ramps before sitting and sunbathing areas for exhibitionism. Her lido is an architecture for the body as a fashion accessory. Animals populate the pools and promenades to give human scale. One key to the project could well be irony.

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