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Manchester Bio Duct

Part 2 Project 2007
Luke W Petty
Manchester School of Architecture UK
Manchester Bio Duct

The bio duct proposal aims to re-use Manchester’s canal as a waste recycling network that will interact symbiotically with the city system.

An algae array was proposed as it provides a biotic programme element establishing a symbiotic relationship with the buildings inhabitants via the exchange of O2 and CO2.

A steel oxygen furnace programme was selected as it fitted the oxygen niche generated by the algae array whilst providing a micro scale waste recycling resource for Manchester.

The steel factory produces ducts that can be floated down the canal to new Bio Duct sites.

Luke W Petty

Luke’s project is about a new urban ecology, based on a symbiotic relationship between producers and consumers. The future is bio-mechanical, where nature plays a part in healing the bio-cidic routines of our present cities.

The project uses a roof-mounted algae array to produce bio-diesel that powers a steel recycling centre. The waste product from the photosynthesis of the algae is oxygen, which is a major resource needed for steel smelting, so this is collected and used to produce a zero waste resource. Steel is collected and distributed using the canal network, again reducing impact.

The scheme is well considered and researched and the School of Architecture is currently setting up a knowledge transfer partnership with a firm of architects to develop and test a prototype array.

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