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Part 1 Project 2007
María Cecilia Coll
University of Mendoza Mendoza Argentina
The house emerges from the earth and with incredible horizontal strenght approaches the water,creating a shape that outstands and at the same time mingles with its surroundings.
Situated in a sloped site a white horizontal shape rests lightly on the terrain. The reinforced concrete generates a plain roofing that developes into a ‘pergolla’ (open gallery), wich reinforces the horizontal idea of the house, also enhaced by ‘bris soleils’ that produce lights and shadows in the interior spaces. The house's internal distribution is in direct relation with its shape, creating a lineal tour that ends in the water.

María Cecilia Coll

Troughout the year the students develope two houses: one, horizontally shaped in a sloped site, and an other, completelly opposite to the previous, vertically shaped. Both of them have very specific programs and determined goals to achieve. This forces the students to use all their creativity and all the resources available to solve the problems that they face concerning function, space, site relation, materials and structure. The product of this creative process is marvelous, producing excellent architectural designs, such as the ones chosen from this student.

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