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"Macedonian Fight" Museum

Part 2 Project 2007
Florin Cobuz
Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism, Romania
The project attaches two historical museum projects (VMRO Museum and The Museum for the Victims of Communism) into one (The “Macedonian Fight Museum”) that should take part of the new cultural area of Skopje and should attend to the following needs:
- Arranging the public surroundings (the Karposh square, the area around the newly designed Old Theater, the quay of the river Vardar…
- Form emerging from the context
- Form as a clear expression of structure, content and thematic meaning of the two museums
- Designing the scenography of the museum as a new meaning of understanding the museum experience
- Fluidity and transparency (in the aspect of acquisition, utilization and abandoning the museums’ building) with a special treatment of accessibility for disabled persons
- Possibility for spontaneous connection of the open, external area with the internal area.

Florin Cobuz

- One of the most appreciated diploma projects by the international jury in the 2007 summer session
- Good response to the competition tasks and the site embarrassment.
- Strong contrast between exterior minimal appearance and the interior scenography.
- The project demonstrates an excellent ability in researching and collecting history data and utilizing them as part of the procession full of symbols and metaphors for the disclosure of the painful communist times.

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